Lightspeed POS Review

The POS system in your business helps your customers interact with their transactions and with your employees. Lightspeed is a POS system solution designed for retailers to efficiently process their payments, manage their employees and inventory, and analyze sales history.

This integrated e-commerce system will help you manage multiple locations all from your iPad. Your store associates can check on customer data and product inventory from anywhere in the store, promoting efficient customer relations and easier transactions.

The Lightspeed POS system is without a doubt one of the leading systems of its kind for retailers of any size. Read on to find out about its diverse features and whether this system is a good match for your business.


The Lightspeed POS system has the leg up on a lot of its competition in terms of software versatility. The level of intuitive customization should be an appreciated advantage over similar POS providers.

This system goes beyond merely processing transactions. In addition, it also allows you to calculate labor costs, get accurate estimates, and manage your service orders.

Lightspeed is known for its advantages in the apparel industry. However, it also has a diverse range of functions that can support any size retailer and every aspect of the retail cycle. For processes such as ordering, stocking, shipping, or selling, the Lightspeed POS system provides automated order confirmations, repair/service processes, and employee management systems.

A basic POS system can be helpful for such tasks. However, to better manage your inventory, optimize business analytics, and manage your own marketing operations directly from your iPad, Lightspeed is the best choice.


It’s important to call Lightspeed and get a quote before you buy anything. Moreover, all four different POS system products offer diverse features available.

The most popular Lightspeed POS system, Lightspeed Retail, costs $99 a month and comes with basic personalized management systems. In addition, it includes free updates and 24/7 support that Lightspeed has become relitively well-known for.


You may not think of functionality in terms of your sales. However, the ease with which your customers interact with your POS system can make a big difference in the efficiency of your business. Moreover, it can significantly impact the likelihood that your customers will come back.

Thankfully, Lightspeed POS has a basic setup that’s simple to understand and easy to use. Processes such as starting a sale, refunding a purchase, or finding and create a special order for a customer are easy with Lightspeed POS. The system groups these options in an easily accessible interface.

You might be surprised at how many POS systems overlook basic menu navigation when refining their systems. One of the biggest advantages of Lightspeed is its clear and efficient interface, despite the high level of customization and reporting options.


Whether you’re refining your business or just starting out, the POS system should not be overlooked as an expense. The way your customers interact with you through their transactions is a huge point of service and efficiency that helps your business look professional.

Perhaps more significantly, a top-of-the-line POS system such as Lightspeed also gives you access to a versatile range of functional tools. At your disposal, these features will allow you to manage orders, check inventory, run analytics, and manage employees more efficiently.

Choosing a POS system is so much more than just making a sale. Using Lightspeed POS could give your business the boost in functionality it needs to take your marketing, management, and productivity to the next level.

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